Module 3

Puppy Level

Many people starting out in the field of Dog Training begin by offering a puppy training class. This class may come in the form of “Puppy Parties” held at veterinary surgeries, puppy socialization classes or, one to one home visitations.

Puppies are a “sponge” for learning and the early introduction of teaching can alleviate many problems at a later date. The course covers:

  • Advise for the owner prior to obtaining a puppy
  • Responsibility and care
  • Cleanliness and identification
  • Attentive response to name
  • Playing
  • Bringing a puppy home
  • Where to sleep
  • General care and management
  • Separation anxiety
  • Chewing
  • Puppy biting
  • Socialisation with adults, children and dogs
  • Noise distraction
  • Handling for health reasons
  • Food manners
  • Taking things from a puppy
  • Car travel
  • The introduction of obedience training
Course Price: £35.00