Module 1

Understanding What Makes Dogs Tick

Before it is possible to train a dog or deal with a bad behaviour problem a Trainer or Behavioural consultant must understand the way a dogs’ mind works. Just like a doctor, we must be capable of recognizing the problem and offering a solution.

Dogs, just like people have different personalities and what works for one may not work for another. In order to prescribe the best “method” the teacher must be capable of “reading” the dogs’ personality.

This one-off document will help the reader to understand “What makes dogs tick”. The course is not only suitable for people interested in becoming dog trainers it is a great source of knowledge for anyone who is considering adding a dog to their family. The document covers:

  • Research
  • Breeding
  • Rearing
  • Early Socialisation with Dogs and Humans
  • Health
  • The Owners
  • Training

This document is a must for anyone wishing to embark into the field of Dog Training or Behavioural Counselling. It is also suitable for Pet Dog Owners.

Course Price: £20.00