How Do The ADTB Online Courses Work?

Participants of the ADTB courses do not need to travel to take the courses. These are provided online. When students book a course, or, all 6 courses, each course is sent to them by email.

Students should make sure that they have installed Adobe PDF Reader.

Students can receive either email back-up or phone contact with Jenni should they require it. Please note the times the office is available to receive calls.

By Phone: Between the hours of 10am-11am or 5pm-6pm, calling 07753 222610.

Upon completion of each course students apply to the ADTB Office for their test paper which is emailed to them. They do not have to be academics to pass these tests. They are simply designed to ensure that students have taken in the content of each course. Provided their test paper reaches the required standard the student will receive a diploma to recognize every successful test.

These diplomas will be sent by post.

Participants need not have any previous Dog Training experience. What the courses offer is a starting point, but we highly recommend that our students look for ways of gaining hands on experience which is needed before anyone should embark on training members of the public and their dogs. Many rescue societies would be delighted to accept your offer of help where you could put your training into practice.

Levels Of Qualifications Within The ADTB

ADTB Graduate

Upon completion of all 6 online courses and provided a pass mark has been achieved for the paperwork required, students will be accepted into the ADTB as an ADTB Graduate and their details will be listed on the ADTB Graduates page. This will act as a reference for students to show that they have undertaken the ADTB online study courses. It does not however indicate that the student has satisfied the ADTB that they have adequate hands on experience of running classes.

Students who achieve ADTB Graduate status can either remain at that level or, move to approved instructor at a later stage.

ADTB Approved Instructor

Should students wish to gain membership as an ADTB Approved Instructor (after successful completion of the ADTB theory courses) they must have one years’ experience of running classes or dealing with one to one training.

Two individual references must be submitted to back up their training experience.

These references can be supplied by the following:

  1. Dog owners who you have trained
  2. Rescue societies where you have volunteered
  3. Dog training clubs which you have attended and volunteered at
  4. Vets practices
  5. Details of running your own training facility

Only those who have met our criteria are offered membership as an Approved Instructor.