Participants should book their course/courses using the information provided on the "Dog Training Courses" page.

Once the ADTB office receives bookings students are sent their course by email in PDF format. You simply download the course to your computer or print it off for home study at your leisure.
Those who book all 6 courses at once will receive (upon successful completion of the courses and paperwork) their first years´ membership within the ADTB free of charge (saving £35). Students are also welcome to book each course one by one.
Each individual is different. Some people may have a lot of spare time on their hands and may complete the courses in a matter of weeks. Others may be in full time employment, have a home and family to look after and have very limited spare time.

However, it has been known for students to come back after 10 years and expect to carry on. This is not possible as we update the courses each year.

The maximum time allowed to complete all 6 courses is one year.
The cost of each course is stated alongside the course description on the ADTB Courses page. The total cost is £195. Participants can either enroll to undertake the full set of courses and receive their first years membership free or, enroll for each course individually.
Participants receive a diploma for each course they undertake and complete a successful test paper. Those people who go on to become an ADTB APPROVED INSTRUCTOR receive a second diploma stating that they are an ADTB Approved Instructor, plus (if asked for) a letter of reference.
It may surprise the reader to discover that there is actually no governing body in the UK regarding Dog Training. What is available at present are various organizations who offer courses at different levels with very varied prices.

People who are interested in taking Dog Training courses should shop around and try to find a course which will suit their individual needs offered at a price to also suit. The ADTB is now in it's 18th year and is generally regarded as one of the most highly respected canine organizations in the UK. We keep abreast of all incoming changes and will gladly embrace any rulings which may be imposed by the government in the future to protect dogs and insist on qualification of Trainers.
Yes, these people can also become Fully Approved provided they meet the required criteria.
Jenni is available within 24 hours to receive and answer emails, Please do not hesitate to contact her.

Is it possible to see any comments from people who have completed the courses?