ADTB Approved Instructors

If you are looking for a trained and competent instructor to assist you in the schooling of your dog then this is the place to find just such a person in your locality.

Every person shown on this list has undertaken the full set of 6 Online courses produced by the ADTB. They have submitted the required paperwork and reached a “pass mark” They have either submitted proof of experience accompanied by references or presented themselves at a venue and undergone and passed a practical assessment in order to satisfy an ADTB representative that they are capable of training a class of Pet Dogs and their owners.

Our Instructors are aware that only kind, motivational methods of training dogs will be tolerated by the ADTB and that any trainer approved by the ADTB would be instantly dismissed from the organisation should any report of harsh handling or cruelty be proven.

ADTB Instructors should not bring the good name of the ADTB into disrepute.

Our table shows the list of all ADTB APPROVED INSTRUCTORS who are registered with the Academy. These are listed in alphabetical order of the counties/countries in which they are based and also show the main town in that county where the instructor in question operates.

Instructors can be contacted at the specified telephone number or alternatively via their email where this is listed.

ADTB Approved Instructors’ List

Offering people who wish to enter the field of Dog Training and/or Behaviour Counselling a starting point.