Before becoming a fully Approved Instructor participants must agree to uphold the ADTB PROMISE AND PRINCIPLES.
  • To assure the dog owners they are training that their standard of care, sympathy, method, kindness and wellbeing of dogs is of the highest standard.
  • To provide adequate insurance coverage for themselves and for both dogs and owners they are involved with training.
  • To never use a training method that would instill any form of mental or physical cruelty to a dog. Only positive methods will be accepted by the ADTB.
  • To use only acceptable training equipment and never to use any form of electrical device, prong collar or indeed any other such equipment that may cause injury, pain or anguish to a dog.
  • Accept that the owners have total decision regarding their dogs training.
  • Show respect to other local trainers.
  • To always conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold the good name of the ADTB.
  • To either uphold their ADTB membership yearly or remove from their advertising and or website any reference to being an ADTB member.