ADTB History

Jenni has been involved with dogs from the age of 10 firstly owning a Miniature Poodle then a cross breed. In the early 70´s as an adult she began to train her German Shepherd puppy at a dog training club. She was totally smitten with the idea of teaching dogs how to do things. Within a year she began to compete at Competitive Obedience shows. By her own admission she has always been a slow learner and it is the acknowledgement of this fact that gives her the gift and patience to relate to other people who may be struggling to grasp things.

Jenni has taken two of her own dogs, both rescues to the pinnacle of Championship competition and created two Obedience Champions. She has won 32 Challenge Certificates; the highest diploma available in the UK, appeared at Crufts in the Obedience Championships on 12 occasions and owned a Standard Poodle Breed Champion.

Jenni is a Championship Obedience judge and had the honour of judging the Kennel Club YKC classes at Crufts.

If asked “What is your favourite interest in dogs?” her answer would be “Training them to be Good Citizens and helping the plight of rescue dogs”.

All her life Jenni has worked to raise funds for rescue dogs and societies. In the 80´s she walked from Darlington, Co. Durham to London (where she appeared at Crufts) to raise over £8,000 for rescue societies. The following year she organized a further walk which raised over £40,000.

In 2002, she organized a "sponsored stay" where 336 dogs from Training Classes in every area of the UK performed a one minute "stay" at exactly the same time. This event resulted in a donation of over £18,000 being given to the "Make-A-Wish foundation" and a Guinness world record for the ADTB.

Since 1981 when she was first requested to run a seminar Jenni has travelled the country teaching others how to achieve the very best from their dog. She has instructed in many European countries and the USA. In all, she has held over 400 seminars and has provided a helping hand in the training of many of the top UK competition dogs.

When Jenni ceased competing in the late 1990´s she turned her attention to trying to improve the facilities offered to pet dog owners. She ran several classes weekly in the Cleveland area of the UK, and found pet dog training and the requirements of the owners totally different to competitive work. She also realized that there was very little opportunity available for people who either wanted to study “How to become a Dog Trainer” OR those who were already in the business but wanting to update their training methods.

Nowadays and after moving her home to Spain in 2004 Jenni spends most days of the week working in her office and is still as passionate about the ADTB as she was on the day it was launched. She lives with her partner Alan, who is a great support to her in her work, along with their two dogs, Charlie, a Border Collie rescue and Chica a German Shepherd bitch that she rescued at only two weeks old. Add to this an African Grey parrot called Misty who talks non stop in 4 different languages and you have the family picture.

Jenni believes that the world of Dog Training is moving forward every day and we must keep up with both knowledge and new initiative training methods. She also believes that no matter how long you have been involved with dogs we will never know enough, herself included.

Finally, Jenni would like to thank all the many people who have studied the ADTB courses and welcome all new students.

Cheryl  has been involved with dogs since a very young age.

She got her first dog, which was a toy Poodle at the age of 7.  Cheryl and Tia Maria were inseparable. Everywhere Cheryl went Tia Maria followed.  Tia Mara wasn’t the prettiest dog you have ever seen. She had over-shot teeth and many imperfections, but to Cheryl she was just perfect.

One day whilst visiting her brother in hospital the car was broken into and Tia Maria was stolen.  Cheryl never saw Tia Maria again and was totally heart broken. Her Mum Jenni tried to get her to accept another puppy but if it wasn’t Tia Maria she didn’t want to know.

Jenni had an ice-cream van and like Cheryl and Tia’s relationship, Cheryl was the same with her Mum Jenni. Never were the two apart.  Cheryl used to work on the van with Jenni and an old Border Collie called Lassie used to come to the van everyday to get a broken cone with some ice cream.  We found out that she was having pups and as a surprise Jenni got a pup for Cheryl.

The pup was named “Skeet” Later to become Obedience Champion Skeet Gorthy at Yvos

Cheryl and Skeet were instantly the best of friends. Cheryl took Skeet to the dog club with Jenni every week, but was so stubborn and wanted to train her dog her own way and wouldn’t listen to Jenni’s advice. 

Skeet was one of the most difficult dogs Cheryl ever trained, she had a mind of her own and she did what she wanted to do.  She taught Cheryl everything she knows today.  Although Skeet was difficult to train Cheryl battled on and the thought of giving up never entered her head. 

Jenni tried to tell her Skeet didn’t come from a pedigree of obedience dogs and would never get very far in the obedience world.  Cheryl continued regardless and there were many tears on the way but when Cheryl was aged 18 she won a Challenge Certificate and qualified Skeet for Crufts in 1982.

Cheryl had also taken over the training of one of Skeet’s daughters who was called Ace (Obedience Champion Yvos Ace High) and qualified her for Crufts.    Cheryl’s first year at Crufts at the age of 18 years old she had two dogs qualified and managed to get 2nd place with Ace.

The following year Ace came 4th in the Championships. Skeet actually had a chance to win Crufts but a slight mishap blew this chance away.

Cheryl continued along the obedience trail and made up another two Obedience Champions. Jill, (Obedience Champion Que Sera at Yvos) and Jacques (Obedience Champion Gesveisha Jacques)

In total Cheryl has owned and trained 4 Obedience Champions and won 20 Challenge Certificates.  Cheryl is also qualified to judge at Championship level and has helped many people with the training of their own dogs.

Cheryl has been gifted with patience and perseverance and this has paid off during her obedience career.  She is now a mum herself, and does not hold the same level of patience with kids as she does with dogs! (Only joking).

Cheryl has also had the pleasure of training many Pet dog owners with their dogs and ran very successful classes in the North East of England.

She now owns a Bichon Frise puppy named Chester and is now in the process of starting his dog training career.